Capitol Hill Retina Specialist

Disorders of the eye require highly trained specialists and advanced technology to diagnose and treat. This is especially true when the dealing with diseases of the retina, a delicate sheet of tissue that lines the back of the eye where images are focused before being sent to the brain. The Retina Group of Washington, our Capitol Hill retina specialist practice is expert in diagnosing and treating disorders involving the retina as well as the rest of the eye. Our practice’s 14 offices serve Maryland, Virginia and Metro DC with state-of-the-art optical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technology. Our team of 22 surgeons has collectively over 200 years of experience preserving and restoring vision for our patients.

Since the retina is such a thin, delicate sheet of tissue it can tear or detach from the wall of the eye. When this occurs our Capitol Hill retina specialist must repair the break in order for the eye to have something to focus the incoming images on. There are two approaches that can be used either laser therapy (heat) or cryotherapy (cold). Laser therapy uses intense light to heat the area of the tear or detachment and meld it back together. Cryotherapy uses the exact opposite condition; the procedure uses extreme cold to create an adhesive scar that seals the retina against the wall of the eye. Our doctor will first numb the eye and once it is numbed uses a freezing probe to freeze the area around the retinal tear, reattaching it to the wall of the eye. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes and the patient feels no pain or discomfort. An eye patch will be worn for several hours after the procedure to protect the eye until the numbness wears off.

Our Capitol Hill retina specialist has a choice of using either the cryotherapy or laser treatment for a retinal tear or detachment. The choice usually comes down to each doctor’s preference and experience with the particularities of the individual case. Sometimes a retinal tear can produce bleeding in the eye, which may block the laser beam from reaching the spot of the tear. Cryotherapy probes are not blocked by bleeding so in these cases our doctor will usually opt for the cryotherapy approach. If you are experiencing an eye problem or have a sudden change in vision please call one of our offices and have a specialist evaluate your problem.