Pediatric Ophthalmologist Georgetown Washington

Retinal detachments in Georgetown Washington

Pediatric ophthalmologist Georgetown Washington

Pediatric ophthalmologist Georgetown Washington

Up to four percent of retinal detachments occur in children under 16 years of age. If you are looking for an excellent pediatric ophthalmologist Georgetown Washington who can provide your child with complete diagnosis and treatment for juvenile retinal detachment, you will want to come to see us at The Retina Group of Washington.

At our highly regarded retinal care practice, we have over 26 doctors on staff who specialize in all different areas of retinal care. When you bring your child in to see our pediatric ophthalmologist Georgetown Washington you can relax knowing that your child is being treated by one of the very best retinal specialists in the area of juvenile retinal detachment. The most common cause of retinal detachment to children is trauma. The incidence of retinal detachment is greater in males, simply because boys tend to have more injuries than girls. Retinal detachment can be caused by either a blunt trauma or a penetrating injury; however, if a child has blunt trauma to the eye, a retinal detachment may not show up for several months or even for years. Sometimes when a child has had blunt trauma to the eye they are not likely to even report this injury to their parents so diagnosis may not immediately occur. Additionally, sometimes a retinal detachment does not even become evident to the child until the macula at the center of the eye is in danger of being damaged; the macula is the area of the retina that is responsible for detailed vision. Our ophthalmologist will be able to determine whether or not your child has any type of retinal damage during a comprehensive eye exam. There are additional tests which may need to be performed in order to determine the exact extent of any injury.

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