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Georgetown Washington DC eye doctor

Georgetown Washington DC eye doctor

At The Retina Group of Washington, we offer state-of-the-art treatment for all retinal problems. We have over 26 experts on staff who specialize in many different areas of retinal care. When you have a retinal tear or other problem that can be treated with cryotherapy, our Georgetown Washington DC eye doctor can provide this treatment for you at our office.

Cryotherapy is an ophthalmology treatment that was first used in the 1960s. Cryotherapy can be used at our office to treat retinal tears or retinal detachments. With this treatment option, the retina is frozen where a retinal tear has occurred. This will allow the retina to stay attached at its proper location, which is along the back wall of the eye. Our doctor will use a probe which can freeze a small area of the eye in just a few seconds. Patients may notice a cold feeling in the eye during treatment. Depending on the extent of the damage, our eye doctor may need to seal several tears of the retina in this manner. Cryotherapy is done on the front half of the retina where laser treatment is not possible. This treatment is done at our office, for your convenience. Our doctor may also put an antibiotic ointment into the eye after the treatment to keep any infections from starting; your eye will take about 10 days to heal, but everyone’s situation is different. Signs that you may be developing a retinal tear or retinal detachment include a sudden increase in the number of floaters you are saying and sudden flashes of light. If you experience these vision problems make an immediate appointment to come in to see our Georgetown Washington DC eye doctor. If you have a retinal detachment, it is important that it is treated immediately or vision can be lost.

For an appointment to meet with our expert and highly trained Georgetown Washington DC eye doctor, simply contact our office; let our office know that you need an immediate appointment.

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