Washington Retina Exam

Retina exam in Washington

Your retinas are essential to the proper function of your eyes, so it only stands to reason that the examination of them should be done by an experienced specialist. That is something you can be sure of here at The Retina Group of Washington.

Our Washington retina exam is specific to the key part of your eye. Your retina is located at the back, and it is where light arrives to be sent to your brain so it can be turned into an image you can see. We have been serving valued patients just like you for decades. And we are committed to being on the cutting edge of the latest information about retinal health, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases and conditions. There is no stop to the improvements we can make to your care. Our Washington retina exam includes testing such as the taking of digital photos of your retinas and retinal mapping. You will be pleased to know that these photos are non-invasive, and yet remarkably detailed. Even more beneficial, the results are saved so that our retina specialist can compare new tests with the ones taken previously. Even small alterations and changes can indicate that there are issues that need to be addressed. Getting out ahead of them often makes the difference between a successful result and one that isn’t. The potential damage from retinal conditions can range from vision loss up to damaged retinal blood vessels and total blindness. And there are instances in which symptoms do not appear until a problem has reached an advanced stage, thereby making our care all the more crucial.

Please reach out to our office so we can schedule a visit for you to come in for our Washington retina exam. With expert attention, you can feel positive about the long term health of your retinas in particular, and your eyes in general.

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