Pediatric Retina Doctor Georgetown

Pediatric retinal care in Georgetown

Pediatric retina doctor Georgetown

Pediatric retina doctor Georgetown

The retina is the place at the back of the eye where light coming into the eye is focused into an image. Think of it as sort of the screen in a movie theatre except much more complex and fluid. When all goes well the image produced by the retina is sharp and clear. However; there are many conditions that can affect the retina and throw off the focus of the light coming into the eye. Our pediatric retina doctor Georgetown can help keeping our patient’s retina in the best shape.

When we think about problems associated with the retina most people think about eye diseases that happen later in life and are associated with aging such as macular degeneration, but retina disease can happen even in childhood. At the Regina Group of Washington our pediatric retina doctor Georgetown is also dedicated to protecting and enhancing the eye health and vision of children. Our practice founded the Children’s National Medical Center in the 1970’s to research and identify children’s eye disorders. There are a number of retina diseases that are associated with childhood that our doctors treat. Among these are retinopathy of prematurity, neonatal vitreous hemorrhage, juvenile retinal detachment, ocular trauma, persistent fetal vascular syndrome, juvenile retinochisis, congenital retinal fold, Coats disease, retinal vascular malformations, pediatric retinal tumors, retinal abnormalities and malformations, optic nerve anomalies, inflammations and infections of the retina.

Aside from the medical aspects of the care we provide our pediatric retina doctor Georgetown has a great deal of experience working with children of all ages. All our pediatric practice staff members are trained to provide friendly, compassionate care to make a potentially scary situation as stress-free as possible. Our compassion is not reserved for our youngest patients, we offer their parents a great deal of support during these trying times while we care for their children. Please give our office a call to evaluate your child’s eye health.

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