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Retinal exam Georgetown

Retinal exam Georgetown

Faltering vision have you feeling concerned? If you’re struggling to see, it’s important not to take this reality lightly. Vision naturally worsen as we age. And if we’re not staying on top of these changes, you’ll have a hard time carrying out day-to-day tasks. Waste no more time. Prioritize some time out of your week and make sure to contact The Retina Group of Washington. And finally treat your vision to a retinal exam Georgetown.

Depending on your situation, a retina exam might be necessary. What exactly is it? Step away from the dictionary, we’re going to clear up your confusion. Briefly, a retinal examination gives your optometrist access to the back of the eye, including the retina, the optic disk, and the layer of blood vessels that feed the retina—known as the choroid. Of course, before getting started on this evaluation, the pupils must first be dilated by using eye drops which prevent the pupils from shrinking while exposed to light. Once the eye drop phase of this evaluation is over, the next step involves any of the two types of exams. The first is the direct exam. The doctor uses an ophthalmoscope to shine a light through the pupils to see the very back of the eye. The indirect exam, on the other hand, involves the doctor using a condensing lens and bright light (mounted on the forehead). Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now all you must do is reach out to The Retina Group of Washington. Then get setup with a retina exam Georgetown.

Don’t waste any time in getting up to speed with your changing vision. Get started today by phoning or e-mailing The Retina Group of Washington to schedule a retina exam Georgetown You’ll be glad you finally swung by.

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